Sacha Heemels Art & Illustrations

Trash Poetry

Sacha Heemels transforms paintings, found at flea-markets and secondhand shops, into surprising art-objects. She adapts these traditional paintings industrially. By erasing parts and adding new elements, they get a new dimension. Thus, she makes them into her own dreamlike impressions.

Lace portraits

For this series, Sacha is searching for the ultimate refinement. It could be compared to lace bobbin: the pencil is put down to the paper line after line.


For these illustrations Sacha took fairytales as inspiration. She uses collage as a technique, using famous paintings digitally to rearrange them. As a result, bizarre, almost surrealistic images appear that fit perfectly into the fairytale world that she illustrates.

About Me

Sacha Heemels (1980) studied textiles at the Art academy in Maastricht.

"My background in textile provided me the love for materials and textures. But above all, it learned me to look in a different way to form and colour."

In her atmospheric works, Sacha creates a personal world full of detail and humour, characterized by a dreamy open-mindedness.

Inspiration: Flemish primitives, William Morris, Marc Chagall, Studio Job, Loretta Lux

If you're interested you can view my [CV @ Sacha Heemels.pdf].


Sacha Heemels
's-Hertogenbosch, The Netherlands
mobile: +31(0)618159747

Trash Poetry

Trash Poetry is the result of a partnership between Sacha Heemels and Jolijn Fiddelaers. Both designers have been inspired by the beauty of waste material. The material, collected from both Art and Industry, is placed into a new context, thus acquiring a new value. The meeting point of the two worlds creates an exciting production field for new, poetic and unique products. These products always have an aspect of textile nature and can be viewed as singular pieces or used as inspiration for new (industrial) designs.
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